Billings Brook


Northampton Partnership contracted LoCaL Homes to design and manufacture 8 bungalows to provide supported housing for residents with complex needs.

Northampton Partnership wanted LoCaL Homes to design and manufacture the bungalows as well as erect their shells. Working with LoCaL Homes’ In-Design team, thought has been given to the additional needs of potential residents and how design can help with accessibility. The structure of the bungalows and management suite are designed to be open and as accessible as possible.

Northampton Partnership also wanted to ensure that the build was as sustainable as possible. By using our close panelled frames manufactured using sustainable timber, LoCaL Homes is able to reduce construction waste compared to traditional masonry. This is achieved by production being precise ensuring there is little excess on site.

LoCaL Homes’ commitment to sustainability also means that the bungalows are highly energy efficient reducing fuel bills for residents. By using LoCaL Homes panels, Northampton Partnership were able to keep their commitment to minimising the environmental impact of the development.

LoCaL Homes can work with you to build a scheme that works for you and your customers. With experience in building care schemes for housing associations and local authorities across the country, our In-Design Team and Structural Engineers will work with you to build the scheme best for you and your customers’ needs.

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