Black Country Retro-fit Project

Key Information

Address: 5 different sites around Walsall, UK

Start Date: November 2020

End Date: September 2021

Project: 22 apartments and 2 houses were upgraded through the installation of timber framed panels

Project Value: £964,012 (£385,604 funding from the European Regional Development Fund)

Project Description:

LoCaL Homes designed and manufactured the timber framed panels which were fitted to the external wall of 3 GreenSquareAccord apartment blocks and 2 houses. The buildings first constructed in the 1970s, were poorly insulated and had poor energy efficiency – by retrofitting insulation panels onto the external wall, insulation and energy efficiency was improved.

Before Retrofit WRAP


The panels were constructed using sustainable timber hardie plank with insulation attached. This was then fitted to the external wall improving the insulation of the building. This focus on a fabric- first approach increased insulation and solved issues with air-tightness and humidity. By introducing the new low carbon and fire-resistant panels, it significantly extends the life of the property as well as increasing insulation. Additional UV protection paint on the window frames should also reduce maintenance costs. The schemes have also benefited from the installation of solar photovoltaic panels to harness and store solar energy to reduce residents’ bills.

The panels are designed to ensure that they are air-tight and increase energy efficiency. By retrofitting these panels onto buildings, it was possible to improve energy efficiency in line with government Carbon neutral targets but also increase the longevity of the building. 15% of the UK’s annual carbon emissions come from residential housing and to meet the UK’s climate targets, all homes must be brought up to EPC band C standard by 2035. Retrofitting with LoCaL Homes’ panels provides an opportunity to lower carbon emissions and reduce fuel bills at the same time. 

After Retrofit


The incredible thing about these panels is that as well as improving the efficiency of the building and appearance, they were fitted to the buildings while the residents were able to remain in the building. This caused minimum disruption to residents and also reduced costs of having to pay for accommodation during the process. Retrofitting insulation panels reduces costs and disruption compared to alternative methods such as demolition and reconstruction.

These innovative panels have brought existing stock up to comparable standards to new builds but at a fraction of the cost and disruption. By using these panels, GreenSquareAccord were able to be one of the early adopters in Europe as well as the UK (supported by funding from the European Regional Development Fund). This also played a part in GreenSquareAccord recently being named as Sustainable Housing Provider of the Year by Housing Digital.

Retrofitting insulation will be the future of housing in the UK as the construction industry looks to reduce carbon emissions. LoCaL Homes’ architects and designers will work with you to ensure that we construct the panels most suitable for you – helping the environment and your construction team as one.

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Construction started in November 2020 and as residents were able to remain in their own homes, was able to continue throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Final panels were fitted in September 2021.


Partially funded by the European Regional Development Fund