Address: Redditch

Start Date: September 2021

End Date: January 2022

Project: 12 virtually plastic free apartments

Special Feature: The first virtually plastic free homes in Europe. This project in fact has helped GreenSquareAccord be named Sustainable Housing Provider 2021.

Project Value: £2,190,870

Project Description:

This is a landmark project with 12 virtually plastic free apartments which will be the first built and manufactured in the UK and Europe. The construction industry is responsible for more than 60% of resources use in Europe and the majority of that (30 -50%) comes from housing construction. In recent years, the impact of reliance on plastic and a desire for sustainability has grown. LoCaL Homes have worked to find innovative and practical ways to not only reduce plastic use in construction but to virtually remove the use of plastic in the entire design.


In-Design and LoCaL Homes worked together to design the properties to use as little plastic and non-renewable resources as possible. Instead, sustainable materials were used throughout to ensure that the development is as environmentally friendly as possible.

The homes feature innovative components including wiring made with mineral insulation and Graphenstone paint which will absorb 10kg of CO2 and does not give off Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which can be damaging to the environment and may have health implications. The homes are closed panel timber framed with a MVHR system using natural materials in kitchens and bathrooms including sisal flooring. Our closed panel timber frames reduce carbon used in manufacture and the timber comes from sustainable forests to reduce net carbon emissions. Our panels are also quick to install reducing emissions from construction. This, combined with our factory process which ensures that any waste is recycled where it can be, makes our houses as sustainable as possible.

To help residents to use renewable energy and reduce carbon emissions, the homes have been designed with sustainable technology. 10% of all carbon emissions in the UK come from heating homes. By decarbonising the heating supply, LoCaL Homes’ Plastic Free Properties offer an alternative to high carbon use and a more sustainable home. The properties will feature a solar thermal heating system to increase use of renewable resources and lower carbon use.

This development is ground-breaking and sector leading in tackling the climate crisis and protecting the environment. LoCaL Homes is incredibly proud of the project as not only does it showcase the skills and innovation available but also is a sector leading scheme.


The project started in September 2021 and is due for completion in January 2022.