Grove Gardens


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Grove Gardens is a 27 unit development providing 2-4 bedroom houses. Built by Burmor Construction for Cross Key’s Homes, this was Burmor’s first project using Modern Methods of Construction and timber frames.

This project has shown how offsite construction methods can improve the building process. Using timber frames that were designed and manufactured by LoCaL Homes, Burmor have been able to finish their project quickly and easily. Traditional methods using masonry would require two years to build the 27 units. In contrast with LoCaL Homes, the development has been completed in just 16 months saving 8 months of costs and getting the build to their partner quicker. This has meant that Cross Key’s Homes have been able to provide good quality, energy efficient homes to 27 families earlier than expected.

Using this new technique did mean that Burmor had to make some changes to their usual construction style including looking at their scaffolding and construction methods. The Tradesman who they worked with also had to change their traditional methods to work with the timber frames. Once these issues were solved, both Trades and Burmor actually found that the speed and ease of construction led to internal trades being able to begin work quicker. Rather than the critical path being exposed to the elements resulting in the build being weather dependant, MMC meant that as it was weather proofed earlier. This meant that Internal Trades could begin their work quicker - even during Winter- therefore reducing build time. As a result, the handover to Cross Key’s Homes was completed two months earlier than planned.

The project has been a great success with Ollie Crofts, Senior Quantity Surveyor for Burmor saying:

“As a company this is one of the first times we have used Timber Frame on a volume housing site and we are extremely pleased with how it went. We learned a lot of valuable lessons that we can carry forward to our future schemes and have already placed orders for 166 units over 3 sites with GreenSquareAccord for the next year. We are extremely pleased with their product and it is becoming our preferred method of construction across our entire company model.”

LoCaL Homes are pleased that Burmor has had such a positive experience with our timber framed panels and that they have found Modern Methods of Construction so quick and easy to use. The success of this partnership has inspired both LoCal Homes and Burmor Construction to subsequently contract and deliver together three more schemes for three new Housing Associations totalling 175 units.

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