Manor Road

Address: Middle Littleton, Evesham, Worcester

Start Date: November 2020  

End Date: November 2021

Project: Replace 10 Airey houses with over head electricity with 8 apartments, 2 bungalows, and 13 houses


Manor Road Development

Rooftop Housing wanted to improve the living standards of residents living on a development in Middle Littleton. The previous ten properties were post war Airey Houses built using concrete meaning they were inefficient and in disrepair.

The client employed LoCaL Homes to design, manufacture, and construct the new builds improving building performance with a fabric first solution improving insulation and reducing fuel poverty. This required delivering factory cladded closed panels to a 0.18 U value together with MHVR / Photovoltaic tiles which ensured that the building delivered an ‘A’ rated performance.

Build rate on site achieved a target of 4 plots per week ensuring customers were able to move in quickly.


Manor Road Before                                                                     

Prior to commencing construction, the previous buildings had to be demolished, including  removal of overhead electrical cables. LoCaL Homes’ construction team had to work with external partners to ensure that not only was the project safe for the construction team but also that electricity was maintained for the connected properties. The electricity cables for the development were put underground and poles were erected to keep the connection for the remaining houses in the area.


Manor Road Development