Originally a housing association office, GreenSquareAccord wanted to use the site location which was well connected to provide affordable housing to the local community. Working with LoCaL Homes, they were able to use the site of the previous Springvale office to provide 24 one and two bedroom apartments.

Their In-Design team of architects worked with LoCaL Homes to design and create  bathroom pods. Built and fitted in the factory, they were designed to speed up the building process and be incorporated into the original building. This makes construction easy to manage and meant that the 24 apartment building could be constructed simply and rapidly.

By using LoCaL Homes’ frames and bathroom pods, GreenSquareAccord were able to maximise space and comfort providing homes that one of their residents described as “massive for a one bedroom home”. The frames and pods offer a quick, strong, and desirable home for residents making Springvale popular.

By working with LoCaL Homes, GreenSquareAccord were able to provide high quality and affordable housing using factory made pods and frames quickly and easily.

For more information on how we can support your next build, please contact Chris Hagan by emailing chris.hagan@greensquareaccord.co.uk.