Our Story

The LoCaL Homes story began in 2005, before our brand was even born.

LoCaL Homes is part of the Accord Group; one of the largest not-for-profit housing organisations in the Midlands, who provide over 13,000 homes and a range of services to over 80,000 people. As a Group they are financially robust and whilst their growth and future development plans are ambitious, they are realistic.

  • 2005

    The Accord Group researched the market for off-site manufactured (OSM) housing products in the UK with a low environmental impact but nothing met the Group’s needs. So, the Group partnered with a Norwegian company and spent 12 months preparing a product to meet UK compliance requirements. The Group went on to develop two sites in Redditch.

  • 2008

    The Group established their own in-house architect team to design new house types, but found limitations in the Norwegian product.

  • 2010

    It was decided that the Group would establish its own manufacturing facility and 12 months later, in November 2011, LoCaL Homes was created.

  • 2012

    LoCaL Homes’ first houses were erected on-site, with one panel being placed in position every 10 minutes and made water tight in just one day.

  • 2013

    At the end of 2013, LoCaL Homes had produced over 400 homes across five sites. The products are continuously improving as we develop cladding options and exterior finishes and the factory becomes more and more efficient.

  • 2014

    With ambitious expansion plans, increased capacity and a new innovative way of working, LoCaL Homes started to work with contractors, developers, housing associations, local authorities and other partners to deliver more low carbon, environmentally-friendly developments across the UK.

  • 2015

    LoCaL Homes continues to deliver low carbon properties for our parent organisation, Accord Group, as well as other housing associations across the country. We have a range of flexible ways to work together, including being the only not-for-profit provider on the LHC New Homes Framework (NH1). Via the LHC framework, organisations can ensure that they fully comply with UK and EU procurement legislation.

  • 2016

    LoCaL Homes and Accord Housing Association completed its Eastern Gateway development in 2016.The site consisted of 25 number  2 bed apartments across 3 storeys  and two 3 bedroom houses. All units were for affordable rent.

  • 2017

    Accord Housing Association completed the Design, Manufacture and Development of its own affordable rent scheme at  Innovation Way Scheme in Beechdale Walsall.

    The site consisted of 80 units with 56 Houses and 24 Apartments over three storeys  The total build cost for this project was  Circa £9.3million.

  • 2018

    Accord Housing Association has recently completed the Design, Manufacture and Development of its latest award winning housing scheme at Woden Road in Wolverhampton.

    The site consisted of 91 houses and 21 apartments and all of the houses were constructed in the LoCaL Homes flagship fully clad offsite manufactured Eco 200 system and a project value of £11.5million.