Burmor and Platform Housing visit LoCaL Homes

Published on 10 February 2023

Last week representatives from Burmor Construction and Platform Housing Group were welcomed to our LoCaL Homes production facility in Walsall.

The group visited to find out more about the offsite manufacturing process and to see the progress made so far on the second phase of their development in Kirton, Lincolnshire.

Katie Gilmartin, Head of Business Development and Innovation at Platform Housing said: “I was thrilled to visit LoCaL Homes as they began manufacture of homes for the second phase of our development in Kirton. Through the duration of our tour we were able to see the first of the Eco-200 panels make its way through the factory, demonstrating the speed and quality achievable through their offsite manufacturing capabilities.

“Working with LoCaL Homes and Burmor Construction is not only speeding up delivery of our programme but is most importantly helping us meet our sustainability targets, delivering six Future Homes Standard-ready homes well ahead of the anticipated changes to regulation in 2025.”

The new Future Homes Standard should ensure that all new homes built from 2025 will produce 75% – 80% less carbon emissions than homes delivered under current regulations.

Behind the scenes of the factory tour led by Mike Doolan.

Luke Boekestyn Director of Burmor Construction said: “We know that sustainability is at the forefront of our customer’s minds and we work closely with partners like LoCaL Homes to deliver high-quality homes using innovative techniques and environmentally-sound materials. Offsite construction panels, like the Eco-100, Eco-150 and Eco-200 products, help create more energy efficient homes that will yield more energy efficient living. Given the current energy and cost of living crisis, this is now more important than ever.”

LoCaL Homes have already supplied Eco-100 panels for some of the 41 homes in Kirton and are now assisting with the next stage of the project which will see 2 bungalows and 4 houses built to the Future Homes Standard.

The bungalows and houses will be assembled using Local Homes’ Eco-200 timber frame panel solution which the visitors to the factory saw being made first hand. The Eco-200 frames are finished with weberwall brick system which were also colour matched to the existing homes on the Kirton development.

Mike Doolan, our Sales and Partnerships Manager said: “We are really proud to be working with Burmor Construction and Platform Housing Group on their Kirton development and helping to deliver much-needed affordable homes for Lincolnshire residents.

“The off-site manufacture of our Eco-200 panels means that the new homes can be built cleaner, greener, quicker, and with less waste compared to other traditional brick-built approaches. By building the panels this way we significantly reduce carbon emissions and once built they will also have greater thermal performance, making every part of this new development more environmentally sustainable.

“We were delighted to host the visit which we hope will cement strong working relationships with both organisations so that we can continue to deliver, together, homes fit for the future.”

At the close of the factory tour, Katie, Mike and Luke all signed one of the Eco-200 panels which will be used for a bungalow at the Kirton development.

Katie Gilmartin (Platform Housing Group) signing a panel on the finishing line ahead of delivery to the Kirton site.

For more information on the Kirton project please visit: https://www.platformhomeownership.com/london-road-kirton/